Beaches on the North West Side

    Beaches on the North West Side
  • Arashi Beach

    Powder soft white sand, with very few pebbles and stones, and superb swimming/snorkeling in peaceful water. You can rent umbrellas, chairs, and palapas and there is a small refreshment stand. Bathrooms and showers are available for a fee. Accessible by car (there's plenty of parking), taxi, or a 10 minute walk from the last bus stop on Malmok.

  • Malmok Beach

    A popular snorkeling spot, Malmok offers shallow water, tiny bays, some lined with white sand... and plenty of fish. This is the stretch of beach in front of the ArubaHouse! Accessible by car, taxi, or public bus, or for ArubaHouse guests... by standing up and walking a few feet!!!

  • Hadicurari (Fishermen's Huts)

    White powder sand with some pebbles and stones, and very shallow water. Excellent for windsurfing and kitesurfing, Hadicurari is the location of the annual Hi-Winds Windsurfing/Kitesurfing Competion. Accessible by public bus, taxi, or car.

  • Palm Beach (High Rise Hotels)

    Stretching from the Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort to the Ritz-Carlton Aruba, Palm Beach passes by most of the island's high-rise resort hotels. This wide, white sand beach is perfect for sunning, and the calm waters are wonderful for swimming and sailing. Bright tropical fish swim through the clear blue water, so snorkelers will find plenty to observe. If you get tired of sitting on the beach, wander up to the hotels - most of them have ocean-side gardens and their own watersports centers that are open to the public. Accessible by public bus, taxi, or car.

  • Eagle Beach (Low Rise Hotels)

    "Travel and Leisure" magazine named this stretch of powdery soft white sand one of the "10 Best Beaches in the World." This public beach offers plenty of parking and shady picnic areas. Swimming is wonderful here, lots of motorized watersports (jet skis, etc.) available, and hotels right across the street organize watersports & beach activities. Accessible by public bus, car, or taxi.

  • Manchebo Beach (Punto Brabo)

    A broad stretch of white powder sand in front of the Manchebeo Beach Resort which is flanked by a steady, brisk surf with a small tops-optional section. Manchebo beach is part of Eagle Beach and is accessible by public bus, taxi, or car.

  • Druif Beach

    White powder sand, excellent swimming conditions in calm water located between Oranjestad and Manchebo Beach. Accessible by public bus, taxi, or car.

  • Surfside Beach

    A beach club is located next to this beach. Excellent swimming conditions in calm water. Accessible by public bus, taxi or car.

  • Renaissance Island

    A 40-acre private tropical retreat mainly only accessible to guests of the Renaissance Aruba Resort. It is possible for non-guests to purchase a day pass if the hotel is below 80% capacity. With spectacular white sand beaches, secluded coves and protected swimming areas it has an adult only section and a family section. It is accessible by boat only.

Beaches on the South Side

    Beaches on the East Side
  • Dos Playa

    With a white sand beach surrounded by a rocky coastline, Dos Playa has great waves. Dos Playa is accessible by car. This is where the local surf fanatics go for their extreme surfing experience. Dos Playa is not for the faint of heart. You must be a very good surfer to go here. Stick to the beach if you're not up to it. Although swimming is not forbidden, swimmers are dissuaded from going to Dos Playa.

  • Mangel Halto (Savaneta)

    A favorite place for picnics (locals and tourists) with white powder sand, mangroves, and shallow water with excellent snorkeling. Accessible by public bus, taxi, or car.

  • Rodgers Beach (Sereo Colorado, near Baby Beach)

    This soft, white sand beach is located close to Baby Beach on the island's southern tip. Swimming is excellent here in reef-protected water, and the trade winds will keep beach bunnies cool. Coral formations are popular with snorkelers, and there is usually live entertainment at the water's edge. No facilities. Accessible by taxi or car.

  • Baby Beach (Sereo Colorado, Southeast of San Nicholas)

    This secluded beach gets its name from the calm, shallow turquoise waters that make it perfect for babies - and timid swimmers! This is the beach that the locals frequent on their days off. Snorkelers will also enjoy this area thanks to the coral formations that shield the lagoon. Bring your own towels and any gear that you will need. There are two refreshment areas with some shaded areas for cooling off. A family favorite! Accessible by taxi or car.