A Hidden Treasure...

The Natural Pool or "conchi" called "Cura di Tortuga" is a secret, hidden pool on the windward coast surrounded by rocks and is a perfect getaway for a moment of total relaxation.

The location of the pool is surrounded by some of Aruba's most rugged terrain, so visitors truly get the feeling of having "discovered" something when their eyes focus on the site. Diving from the rock cliffs into the protected pool of ocean water is the main reason why so many venture here off the beaten path. Just be careful!

This is very hard to get to (if you don't have a rental jeep, take a tour - you don't want to get a rental car stuck on rough terrain!). However, it's worth it! The pool is just amazing, and when a wave crashes over the side it's just incredible. Make sure you have snorkeling equipment with you, because there are some pretty fish in the pool, and wear waterproof sandals, as you'll be climbing over rocks on your way to the water.

Simply put, if you visit the Natural Pool it will be the highlight of your trip. One of the most memorable experiences from any vacation! It's really hard to describe, you just have to go there and you'll see why it's so cool. It's amazing swimming in there while the occasional big splash of a wave comes over your head, really neat. Also if you climb up a little (be careful) there is sort of mini tub of water above the natural pool that you can just hang out at and later jump back into the Natural Pool. Wow!