Exotic Desert Terrain

Aruba is just small enough to allow for cycling enthusiasts to enjoy this desert island's exotic terrain. Because some of the roads throughout the island are sandy, a mountain bike is the way to go. The terrain is mainly flat so you won't get exhausted peddling up steep hills, but heading into the wind is a challenge, and the sun is intense at midday.

The weather is generally hot and sunny, but cyclists will appreciate Aruba's cooling trade winds. Nevertheless, it is always advised to go armed with plenty of sunscreen, plenty of water and a hat to battle the elements. Bring a bandana, too, to cover your mouth against the dust. The most scenic roads trace the northern coast. They're not paved, so think mountain bike.

Bike Rental and Bike Tours

Bicycles can be rented at facilities such as touring companies and rental agencies in Oranjestad. Check with bike rental or tour operator for the most current pricing.

Our favorite bike rental and tour company is FX Sports Co. They offer top quality Marin and Cannondale bikes. Whether you use their bikes to just cruise and get around or explore the trails, their well maintained rental fleet caters to all levels. They also offer private and group MTB tours for all levels and their tour guides will show you the beautiful secluded and undeveloped windward side of Aruba.