It is not customary in Aruba to hail cabs off the street by raising one's hand. In general one would phone for a taxi. Hotels, restaurants and stores are well-known to taxi-drivers so pickup from one of these designated spots is no problem at all. In fact, most restaurants will ask you if you need a taxi when they bring you your bill.

Here is contact info for several taxi comapanies on the island:

Arubas Transfer Tour & Taxi C.A.
Phone: (297) 582-2116

Taxi Address Service
Phone: (297) 587-5900

Aruba Taxi Company
Phone: (297) 587-1300

Sample Taxi Fares in Aruba

Fares are per taxi for a maximum of 5 passengers. Fares are flat rate set by the government. No meters are used. The driver is required to tell you the fare to your destination upon request before you enter the taxi.

Please note:

  • Prices are in US Dollars and in effect 2018-2022 although subject to change
  • Holiday, Sunday, and after midnight fares are surcharged $3.00
  • Price from Airport to ArubaHouse is $35
  • Minimum rate is $7.00
  • Hired rate is $50.00/hour
  • Waiting time is $4.00 per 5 minutes
  • Passenger is responsible for $60.00 charge for any seat damage including from wet clothing or sharp objects
  • Shirtless, wet or damp passengers not allowed
To-From Hi Rise Hotels Lo-Rise Hotels Oranjestad Noord Restaurants
Hi-Rise Hotels   $10 $13 $9
Lo-Rise Hotels $10   $10 $12
Oranjestad $13 $10   $13
Noord Restaurants $9 $12 $13  
Airport $31 $26 $21 $30

Here is a link to the full taxi fare schedule as well as rules and regulations in effect 2018-2022:

Limousine and Private Transfer Services

All sample rates are subject to change.