Looking to Buy in Aruba?

Keep in mind you have to pay real estate property tax on all real estate property, each year. The Tax Department appraises the value of your property (your house and land), deducts $33,707.00 (fixed deductible) from the appraised value, and taxes 0.4 % (4 pro-mille) from the balance.


House appraised by Tax Department at: $200,000.00
Deductible: $ 33,707.00
Total $166,293.00
0.4% of Total: $ 665.17 (per year)

If you own a house on a long-lease land, in addition to the long lease fee you also have to pay real estate property tax.

The Tax Department reviews real estate property tax every five years. For more information, contact Inspectie der Belastingen at 297-583-1800.