Bad, bad, bad for you. We don't recommend them. However, the Cigar Store at the Seaport Mall in Oranjestad sells the real Cubanos. It is against the law to bring them to the U.S.

In my opinion, Cuban cigars aren't that much better than others. Don't get me wrong, they ARE better; just not that much. But you'd never know this based on the way Americans savor them. Here, they're seen as deliciously wicked forbidden fruit. And that's just the thing: The Cubans I've smoked in Aruba weren't more enjoyable because they were better; they were more enjoyable because I wasn't supposed to be enjoying them. It was an act of civil disobedience, and this gave me great satisfaction. And it tasted good.

Just to help you calibrate prices, Montechristo No. 2's are quoted at $320 per box at the Cigar Store. With a little fast talkin' and a smile, $290 is possible. See if mentioning the ArubaHouse helps at all. Just for the heck of it, show them our website.

Oh, did I mention how nice cigars are after dinner, sitting on our verandah, looking at the ocean and the starry black night sky and firing one up? Sorry, I just can't help myself.