ArubaHouse Wi-Fi

The ArubaHouse has its own wireless high speed internet access included in your rental. Instructions for use are at the house.

SETAR's Wi-Fi Aruba

With Wi-Fi Aruba, you can get high-speed Wi-Fi wireless Internet access for your laptop, tablet or smartphone when you are at locations other than the ArubaHouse. Use the service at hotspots on the island, including restaurants, bars ... even on the beach for fast, easy Internet access. See below.

At a SETAR Hotspot location, start your laptop, tablet or smartphone, open your web browser and surf the Internet. WiFi Aruba allows you to connect to the Internet by simply browsing, registering and going to work.

If you already have an Pre-paid Access Code, you can connect right away. Prepaid cards are sold at all SETAR Hotspots.

SETAR's Wi-Fi Aruba Hotspots and Cost

There are many Wi-Fi hotspots in Aruba. At these hotspots you can connect to the Internet with your prepaid access code or using your credit card.

Click the link below to see the most recent map of Hotspot locations and Wi-Fi Aruba cost.

SETAR's Wi-Fi Aruba Support

How to connect to Wi-Fi Aruba:

  1. Go to one of SETAR's Hotspot locations.
  2. Start up your laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  3. Open up your Web Browser and search for the Wi-Fi Aruba network.
  4. A welcome page will appear.
  5. Pay with a credit card or enter information from your prepaid card.
  6. Once logged in, you can surf the Internet on a fast reliable network.
A PCMCIA Card is required if you don't have a Wi-Fi device build in.

For technical support please call the Wi-Fi Aruba Helpdesk at (+297) 583 7000

Internet Cafe

There are several Internet cafes throughout the island that provide access to the Internet for a nominal fee.