Retiring in Aruba...

If you plan to come to live in Aruba as a pensioner or retiree, you could become eligible for the special admission ruling of DINA (Department of Immigration and Naturalization Services of Aruba). Both requests are the same, except that to become eligible for the admission as a pensioner you have to be older than 55 years old. As a retiree you have to be 21 years and older. To become eligible, the following are the prerequisites:

  • You have to be older than 55 years as a pensioner.
  • Proof of a gross income, from pension or other legal source, of minimum $ 42,135.00 per year. As retiree, bank references that applicant is financially self-supporting or any other proof that applicant will not become a burden to the government or the community.
  • Fill in 2 copies of the petition forms, obtained at DINA office.
  • Show proof of payment of these two forms ($36.52 each form).
  • Valid passport and identity documents.
  • 2 identical passport photos.
  • Certificate of conduct "police record" from the country of origin or from the country where of residence of the past ten years.
  • Official birth certificate.
  • Medical certificate not older than one month, certifying that applicant does not suffer from any contagious disease or mental illness, like HIV, VDRL, TBC. The HIV certificate is not compulsory for children under the age of ten and or for Dutch nationals.
  • Proof of both health and accident insurance.
  • Proof through a notary deed of ownership of an adequate house on Aruba.
  • Before the permit is granted, a deposit must be paid, which varies from country to country.
All dollar amounts and requirements subject to change. Please contact DINA for more information at:
Tel: 297-582-7155
Fax: 297-583-7570