Phones / International Calls

Aruba offers several options to call internationally; if you use the land lines, you will have to dial the outside code and then the number.

You can also call collect or use your credit card to place a phone call. You can place a collect call or credit card call at any of the blue phones located mostly at the lobbies of the hotels and also in the downtown area. The phones have instructions on how to place the calls.

NOTE: If you are making calls while you are out and about and not in the ArubaHouse, it is highly advisable to purchase and use calling cards in order to make international phone calls. The calling cards can be obtained throughout the island at gas stations, mini markets, supermarkets and at the various Setar teleshops. Cards, like the Ventaha, usually vary between $5, $15, $20 and $30. Or, be cool and use a cell phone!

The ArubaHouse has several telephones and an answering machine. Local calls are included in your rent, International Calls are not... you can make them, but you will be charged for them.

Dialing International Calls

To make an international call:

  • USA & Canada, dial 00 + 1 + area code + number
  • Other countries, dial 00 + country code + number
You can dial U.S. 800-numbers in Aruba, however they are not toll-free. To dial an 800-number you dial 00 1 800 number. Before connecting, you will hear a recorded voice informing you that the call will be charged.

Emergency Phone Numbers

  • Police - I can't imagine why you would need this number, but here it is - 911
  • Fire - 911
  • Hospital - 58-74300
  • You can find all emergency and local numbers on the Aruba telephone directory website -