The Sport

Kite Boarding (also known as Kitesurfing) is one of the newest watersports that is quickly gaining popularity anywhere in the world where there is water.

With the help of very large inflatable kites, about 90 ft of flying lines and boards not unlike small surfboards with footstraps proficient kite boarders are able to skim across the water surface at 30+ miles an hour and get launched 10, 20, 30, even 40 to 50 ft up in the air.

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This is a sport like no other. With some perseverance you will be amazed at how steep the learning curve is too. Aruba is one of the premier locations for this exciting new sport.

The Equipment

  • A small board about the size of a snowboard. It can go in either direction and can sail in shallow water due to small fins. The board has foot straps you slip your feet in and out of.
  • A large inflatable semi-circular kite from which hangs a trapeze-like handle on 50 or so feet of line.
  • A harness around your waist to clip onto the handle.

Rental Equipment and Lessons

You can take lessons at Vela Sports Aruba (located between the Marriott hotel and the Ritz Carlton) or anywhere near Fisherman's Huts (just north of the Ritz Carlton). The locals come at out at 5 pm. Grab a beverage and head over to the Huts if you just want to watch. 5 pm -7 pm is a nice time to hang out at the Huts, whether you are hangin' from a kite or just hangin' and chillin'.

Purchasing Kitesurf Equipment

If kiting turns out to be your idea of fun, head over to FX Sports Aruba owned by Geert van den Berg. He sells both windsurfing and kiting equipment at very fair prices and gives honest and knowledgeable advice.

Where to Do It

The prime spots for Kite Boarding:
  • The Fishermen's Huts: Right past the strip of high rise hotels Flat shallow water (waste deep), off shore wind, check with a rescue boat, if you are a beginner.
  • Arashi: If you are confident going upwind then check this spot out. A mile west from the Hut's, crystal clear warm water with off shore wind, deeper water, but also a reef with a nice swell, sweet easy waves. For advanced riders only!
  • Westpoint: Launching at Arashi beach I can recommend a little downwind trip towards the west point of the island, where the swell gets bigger and the water dark blue.
  • Boca Grandi: North shore bay with super waves for everybody. The advanced kiters can ride outside, where the real stuff brakes, the beginners can learn to kick ass inside the bay. Save on this spot sweet steady on shore wind!
  • Parcadera: Sideshore wind in between Aruba and Palm-island. The wind creates a super nice swell you can play in until you drop.