Ostrich Farm...

Get up a close and personal with an ostrich! The Aruba Ostrich Farm invites you to come and meet these unique birds and learn more about their behavior, natural instincts and more. Aruba's rugged landscape provides perfect living conditions.

See and touch, maybe even stand on its enormous eggs - these are kept in an incubator located on the farm. These tame ostriches love to be hand fed.

The Savanna Lodge serves wonderful ostrich dishes, and offers a savanna style cook out with torches and campfire, surrounded by the wild, rough and unique North Coast. Nothing will compare to this once in a lifetime experience.

The ostrich farm is located along the road leading to the Natural Bridge (Matividiri 57). Guided tours start at 9:00 am until 4:00 pm

Entrance & Tour Fee - $12 per adult and $6 per child under 12 years old. For tours or more information please call (297) 585-9630, Fax (297) 585-9629. E-mail: info@arubaostrichfarm.com